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Olivia and Bryce

Ya’ll!! Can you imagine a world where everything comes together and works in your favor and deadlines are always met and stress is not even a word in our vocabulary? No? Me neither! Good to know we have that in common. Luckily for me Oliva and Bryce are total Hawaiian go-with-the-flow beings and haven’t even questioned me throughout their process. These two love birds are actually not …

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Matt & Lisa

First things first, I LOVE THESE TWO! I can’t stress that enough and I brag about it on both sides of my life. Matt was my first ever customer at a bar I work at every now and again. This was like 6 years ago! Since then he has always been someone I looked forward to coming in because in a sea of some crazies he we a fresh breath of normal. And then he started bringing in Lisa and I was all, “Girl, Yes!!'“. Lisa in her combat boots, all black…

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Megan & Boomer

You know how I mentioned before how borderline obsessed I am with my couples? And that I get to know a bit about their lives and what makes them unique as a couple? I do this to find that emotion. I want to capture your feelings, not just your faces. Ya’ll let me just say… Megan and Boomer (yes Boomer… it took me a while but it’s normal now to say Boomer and not Greg) gave me ALL. THE. FEELS. Not only are they one of the most beautiful couples to walk the earth, but Megan is so sweet…

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