I really want our pictures to capture all the emotions of the day. Are you able to do that?

People, if you give me emotions, I will give you pictures of emotions. Thats what I'm here for! Remember like 5 seconds ago when I said I love love? I meant it. The emotions that come from love are my favorite part. Whether it's laughing, crying tears of joy, having a little too much fun on the dance floor, or just being in wedding bliss. My job is to capture and showcase all of that raw emotion for you so when you flip back through your wedding pictures 40 years from now, you will remember exactly how you felt. 

I'm putting a lot of work into my wedding, are you able to capture all the details of the day?

Please, ask me a harder question! Aside from couples portraits and all the love that will be shared throughout your day, details are my favorite! I love getting up close and personal to showcase all the elements of your wedding and venue that will make your day so special. After all, I'm an artist; I value creativity in all mediums. From your rings to your shoes and every detail of your dress; I've got you covered. From your flowers to your DIY decor and all the wonders provided by your venue; I've got you covered. I am, after all, also a female... I appreciate the jewelry that sparkles and shines and the flowers and greens that add pops of color. 

Do you also shoot male details?

You mean there are also guys at weddings?! Kidding; Of course I do! It's really easy to get caught up and praise the women on their beauty but I'll fight for the guys! They look good!! I love it almost as much as I like female details. It's not every day that I am in the presence of a man in a suit that fits him just right. Then you have the shoes, watch, cufflinks, cologne, hair, socks... I could go on and on. These are the swoon worthy moments that me and my associates get to see before you. Don't be jealous though, we will make sure to highlight the men so later you can see things you may have missed in the excitement.  

Are you the Photographer that will be shooting our wedding?

I am! Like it or Love it!  I am too passionate about what I do to pass off this opportunity onto someone else. You will have your Wedding Consultation with me, Jes, and I will be the one who shoots, edits, and delivers your wedding to you. The style you see represented through my website is exactly what will be delivered to you; clean and meaningful. If you're interested in a second shooter, I work with like minded individuals throughout the area who share my passion for photography and love. Don't worry, you will be in good hands! 

Why should I hire you instead of another photographer?

Okay, so maybe I'm not asked this question out loud when meeting with couples, but I know it's in the back of your head! There are a lot of photographers, especially in the wedding industry. So here it is - just incase you missed it - I LOVE what I do. I love being around weddings and love and happy people. I've been passionate about art and creating since I was just a wee one. Seriously, this obsession I have with pretty things started as soon as I realized I could create pretty things! In fact, I have two degrees (one in professional writing with a focus in typos and one for Secondary English Education) neither of which I'm using because I keep coming back to creating. With me, you will get someone 100% committed to making sure everything looks it's best on your wedding day. This means rearranging rooms, moving [or removing] Aunt Linda who is stressing you out, facing rings the correct direction, blowing away dust, and making sure your dresses and ties are laying at the best possible angle. I care about what I do and I care about my couples. The line of communication is always left open, even at midnight the night before when there is rain in the forecast and we are creating a backup plan. I am here for you! At least I will be as soon as you decide to go with me. I have experienced a lot of weddings as a professional and a guest; let me help you make yours the best possible. 

Okay, I see you create beautiful work outside. What about all the fun times and dancing inside?

Let's be honest, I'm only including this question because I love these inside dancing pictures and want to make a slide show for them! But seriously, adding flash to images is so much fun for me! Not all indoor images require them, but when they do, I'm ready. I will try to keep my flashing people to a minimum... unless we are talking about my camera. Kidding again. I will do my best not to blind your guests but before that I will do my best to put myself in the middle of the action. If you're playing music I love, you might even catch me dancing. This is finally a time I get to interact with all your wedding guests, even if they are starting to get a little sloppy. I'm a pisces and a Greek woman, this means it's basically in my blood to party!