My roots

Hello! Hola! Caio! Bonjour! 

Welcome to my page! I'm ecstatic to have you visit! 

* I love Nachos. If I could just trade Nachos for services I would

* Animals are my favorite creatures

* My Pandora is a toss up between Lapsley, Macklemore, Ja Rule, and Trapt

* I am 100% a water baby. I crave it in all forms; Wake Surfing in the summer and Skiing in the winter

* Details are my jam space

* I spent the first few years of my adult life ignoring my dreams and living in the corporate and education world

* I will never ignore my desire to create art again! 

* I sing and dance in the car and in public on occasion - it's never pretty  

My name is Jes (yes with one 's') and I am the owner of Jessica Lynn Photography. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school where I began shooting with a pin-hole camera! I would like to say I'm joking but I'm actually serious; my first class in photography made me shoot with a pin-hole... if you don't know what that is, ask me! Experiment on your own too! 

Needless to say, I have come a long way from developing in a light room and I'm so excited to see where this digital age will take me in my shooting! I have a crisp and clean style and I'm falling more and more in love with lifestyle photography. While I understand the importance of posing, there is something so beautiful in letting my subjects be themselves and capturing it for them! Since my pin-hole days I have continued my education at York College of Pennsylvania where I received a Bachelors in Arts minoring in Photography. It's a passion of mine that I can't seem to stop learning about! 

While I know you're only interested in hearing about my business - snooze - I want to tell you a smidgen about me. I have worked in the service industry since I was 18 as a bartender and server. That being said, I feel like I have interacted with people from every walk of life imaginable yet I still keep on meeting, and loving, new personalities. I married my best friend (kidding my bestie is Danielle! Sup, Girl!), Steve, in August of 2016 and we have two adorable fur baby cats named Mika and Mya. In February 2018 we also added a snot faced giggly little baby boy to the family! He’s my world and I love him to pieces aside from the fact that he stole my birthday! Happy 30th Birthday to me #birthdaytheif. Go big or go home, amiright!? I am certified to teach high school English but I promise I won't correct your grammar! I'm also ironically the queen of typos. I just like to think my brain moves too fast! I have a green thumb that I got from my aunt and the inside of my house looks like Longwood Gardens. 

I find it hard to pull myself out of nature when I'm shooting but I'll never turn down a challenge. My business was born in 2015 however I have been shooting for over a gazillion years (rough estimate). It was only, after numerous suggestions, that I started reaching outside of my immediate friend and family group to share my love and work with others and MY GOD am I glad I did! I am finally doing my loves works as cheesy as that sounds but get to know me… I like cheese in all meanings of the word. If you're interested in setting up a time to meet and discuss your photographic desires, please don't hesitate to contact me! I can't wait to hear about your ideas in hopes that I can make them become a reality for you! I am based out of the Philadelphia region and 100% open to traveling! I have been as far as Greece and Italy and I'm ready to pack my bags for the next adventure. 

What Sets me Appart from all the other Photographers?

4 Words: I love you, lots… kidding. My 4 words? I GIVE A SHIT! I am not going to ghost you even if you try to ghost me. I’m going to check if hair-ties are off wrists. I’m going to tell men to empty their pockets because we don’t need questionable bulges. I’m going to get up close and personal and fix your hair if the goal isn’t to let the wind do it’s thing. I’m going to text you the night before your wedding and check in. I’m going to help you plan. I’m so stupid dedicated to my couples it’s ridiculous. And if you want to be friends after… YAS QUEEN! Or if you want to part ways, see ya chief.

Just know that I’m here for you!

While you can find amazing reviews from past clients on everything from the Knot to Yelp; here is a simple link to check out some reviews on my Facebook Page!