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Matt & Lisa

First things first, I LOVE THESE TWO! I can’t stress that enough and I brag about it on both sides of my life. Matt was my first ever customer at a bar I work at every now and again. This was like 6 years ago! Since then he has always been someone I looked forward to coming in because in a sea of some crazies he we a fresh breath of normal. And then he started bringing in Lisa and I was all, “Girl, Yes!!'“. Lisa in her combat boots, all black…

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Liz and Wes

About a week or so before any of my couple's wedding I set up a meeting to review the final details and square away anything that needs to be taken care of before the big day. After a series of humorous texts back and forth with Liz I decided they were in need of some margaritas! I searching for some delicious Mexican fare between us and settled on a new place in Skippack.... little did I know it was BYOB! Are you effing kidding me?! Fail for me... luckily this was not a bad omen for their wedding! 

So we start the day off a little behind schedule as we usually do with weddings, but that's fine with me. I get worried when things are on time to be honest with you. When I walk in, what I plan to see is almost all the girls all done up and the bride getting her final touches, what I walked into this time was one girl being finished with hair and the start of the bride's makeup. No problem for me because then I have more time with the details! <3 Details are one of my favorite parts of the wedding... I know it sounds silly... and to be honest, I'm …

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Kristen & Bryce

I love me a good Philly Wedding and what a better way than to celebrate one when it’s a friend?! I know what you’re thinking isn’t everyone your friend? Real talk… Basically. Kidding. I have known Kristen and her family for as long as I can remember. We go waaaayyy back to the good old boating days where we had watermelon seed spitting contest, to beach trips where we ran surreys into parking meters. When she reached out to me it was a 100% no brainer. Philly? Check. Friend? Check. Beautiful Venue? Well it was Water Works in Fairmont so of course that was a check! Add in…

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