Megan & Boomer

You know how I mentioned before how borderline obsessed I am with my couples? And that I get to know a bit about their lives and what makes them unique as a couple? I do this to find that emotion. I want to capture your feelings, not just your faces. Ya’ll let me just say… Megan and Boomer (yes Boomer… it took me a while but it’s normal now to say Boomer and not Greg) gave me ALL. THE. FEELS. Not only are they one of the most beautiful couples to walk the earth, but Megan is so sweet and thoughtful and graceful and elegant in her own way. Boomer is so full of life and love and protection for his family and a hella good time. Together, their wedding at the Cork Factory in Lancaster was like a happy blend of the best of them. And it wasn’t an easy go!

Leading up to your wedding can be hella stressful, I get it… I planned my own once and I’ve talked to an innumerable amount of couples about their own reservations and doubts. Megan was not one of those people. When I showed up (after getting lost in the maze of the beautiful venue), she was so put together and calm and had everything I requested in one spot. Her beautiful besties were so ready to help me hang dresses and clear space and there was food. I was in heaven. Megan had shown me her dress before but damn… seeing it on… I died. It was made for her! So anyway, the entire day is running so smoothly - aside from a few late groomsmen but that’s almost expected - and then it comes time to hide away for the ceremony. You guys… the rain in 2018 was INSANE and this wedding was no exception. While it didn’t rain on their actual day, it did the night before which caused flooding and road closures all over Lancaster. This in turn caused the ceremony to start an hour late! (on the hush hush… the officiant was an hour late) So what is the couple doing in this time? What would you be doing on your wedding day? Freaking out? Sneaking Away? Drinking a little too much? Nope. Boomer is up talking with guests while Megan and her girls are just hanging downstrairs. I’m not going to say it wasn’t a tiny bit stressful, but the level of composure that Megan had (whereas I would have been flipping tables or just faking it) was so beautiful! This paired with the love of the families, and the excitement of the bridal party, and the parents… ugh… I loved them.

Right. So, pictures perfect aside from the hiccup in the middle. But it gets better! Boomer has a freaking adorable little man of his own. And Kids are cute and all, but I’ll be honest… I like mine and maybe a few others. They aren’t my normal jam space. Boom (Mini Greg) is so damn spunky though. When I first met him he was a little reserved. I get it; stranger danger. That’s fine. But once he came out of his shell… I die. He’s so much fun!! He gets that light of life from his Daddy 100%. So on the day of the wedding he’s a little reserved again but the moment before the ceremony captured of the two of them made my heart melt for the first time. Then as I’m capturing details there is a poem he wrote too Mom and Dad that sent out the full on waterworks. You think it would be finished here. Nope. During the ceremony Boom helped participate in the unity act of Megan and Boomer and the whole time he was teary and hugging Megan. I LOOOOOVVEEEDD how much a part of their day he was because that’s what it’s about people! They were becoming a family, not just a couple. So now I’m full on mush at this point. Round the night out with their reception where Boomer and his Mom invited all Mother and Son combos to share their special dance, and looking over at Megan and Boom… my heart just fell out of my chest. At one point I stopped photographing and just watched them and took in what was going on around me. It was the PERFECT wedding day. And they doesn’t mean everything went according to plan. But there was love and emotion and laughter and joy and inside jokes and sweet sweet tender love. I am so thankful to have shared their day with this amazing couple! <3 <3 <3

Honorable Mention: Venue | Cork Factory Hotel, Dress Shop | In White, Floras | Petals with Style, Hair | Tousled Beauty, Makeup | Shades of Blush, Signs | Little Lovely Nest