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Brooke and Tariq

Story Time! I’m going to let you all in on a little possible not so secret. There are things in the wedding world known as Styled Shoots. Chances are, most of the images you have been saving on Pinterest and the like since you knew you wanted to get married are from these styled shoots. When you’re looking through these pictures and thinking to yourself How is her hair so flawless? It’s because there is a hair and make up artist staring right outside the frame making sure each strand is…

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Matt & Lisa

First things first, I LOVE THESE TWO! I can’t stress that enough and I brag about it on both sides of my life. Matt was my first ever customer at a bar I work at every now and again. This was like 6 years ago! Since then he has always been someone I looked forward to coming in because in a sea of some crazies he we a fresh breath of normal. And then he started bringing in Lisa and I was all, “Girl, Yes!!'“. Lisa in her combat boots, all black…

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