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Olivia and Bryce

Ya’ll!! Can you imagine a world where everything comes together and works in your favor and deadlines are always met and stress is not even a word in our vocabulary? No? Me neither! Good to know we have that in common. Luckily for me Oliva and Bryce are total Hawaiian go-with-the-flow beings and haven’t even questioned me throughout their process. These two love birds are actually not …

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Liz and Wes

About a week or so before any of my couple's wedding I set up a meeting to review the final details and square away anything that needs to be taken care of before the big day. After a series of humorous texts back and forth with Liz I decided they were in need of some margaritas! I searching for some delicious Mexican fare between us and settled on a new place in Skippack.... little did I know it was BYOB! Are you effing kidding me?! Fail for me... luckily this was not a bad omen for their wedding! 

So we start the day off a little behind schedule as we usually do with weddings, but that's fine with me. I get worried when things are on time to be honest with you. When I walk in, what I plan to see is almost all the girls all done up and the bride getting her final touches, what I walked into this time was one girl being finished with hair and the start of the bride's makeup. No problem for me because then I have more time with the details! <3 Details are one of my favorite parts of the wedding... I know it sounds silly... and to be honest, I'm …

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Lily and Jeff

This year I have had exactly zero amount of hours to blog anything. I didn't even look at the last blog I posted before this but I'm 90% sure it was something from the winter time... last winter... or maybe even the one before that. My goals for myself this year were to blog more because I LOOOOVVVEEEE my couples and I love making pretty things. Nonetheless, I also love being a Mom and little man has shifted my main focus of my waking hours. Actually he's shifted my sleeping hours by giving me horrific dreams every now any again but I hear that's just part of Mom life... yay Mom lif—

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