Olivia and Bryce

May 18, 2019

Ya’ll!! Can you imagine a world where everything comes together and works in your favor and deadlines are always met and stress is not even a word in our vocabulary? No? Me neither! Good to know we have that in common. Luckily for me Oliva and Bryce are total Hawaiian go-with-the-flow beings and haven’t even questioned me throughout their process. These two love birds are actually not Hawaiian (that I know of) but currently stationed over there on the islands thanks to Bryce’s service! While I would have been happy to travel to Hawaii (can you say bucket list?!) to photograph a nice tropical wedding, these two came back to Olivia’s home town where they were created by family and friends from all over including Florida and even as far as Europe! I was blessed at my own wedding to have a friend travel from Asia to celebrate my husband and I so I know how special it made these two feel and they legit deserved every second of happiness they were blessed with on their wedding day.

I know I gush a lot about my couples a lot… I attract good people, thank God! Olivia and Bryce did not fall short on my scale of good people in the least! We didn’t have a chance to meet until a few days before their wedding which can be hella scary (especially because a lot of people book me not only for my talent but also my personality) and they were SO WELCOMING! I felt like I have known them for years after only spending a few minutes together. I got to hear a little of how they met, a little more of how they fell in love, but I’m not joking when I tell you the details didn’t even matter. These two were made each other and there is such a balance between them that I can’t even describe it.

Fast forward a few days later to their wedding at Cooperfield Inn at Lakeside located just minutes from my own house. I joked with Oliva prior to their flying mainland that she needed to bring some of that weather with her because we were in non-stop rain and the weather’s baggage must have gotten lost because it took a few extra days, but their wedding day was perfect weather and sunshine! It was actually the first wedding where I got some color!! I had forgotten that was even a thing because 2018 was so rain drenched.

Thank you to all of their friends and family who were welcoming and accommodating the whole time, the other vendors who gave them a day to remember, and to the amazing staff at Copperfield Inn!