Jessica Lynn Photography, LLC

Welcome To Jessica Lynn Photography, LLC

Jessica Lynn Photography, LLC is based out of the the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. With a passion for Weddings and all things fearless, I strive to capture you in the best light possible while staying true to you as a unique individual. I'm not a "Wedding Factory" so wedding dates are limited. Get in contact with me about your next creative vision and lets see how I can turn it into a reality!

Notice how I used “I” in the above statement? That is because I // Me // Not We // Just I am a 1 woman operation. I handle everything with my couples from your INITIAL inquiry to any meetings to all of the shooting to editing to delivery and everything in between. All of my weddings (usually) include a second shooter; so where do they come from? I have an ongoing list of other amazing business owning photographers in your area or who also like to travel who will be hired by me to shoot your wedding with me! They are hand selected based on the style of photography that you’re looking for and your personality. Let’s be real though, I only hire hella fun people because I can’t be bothered with the bland #sorrynotsorry. I // Me // Yo // Soy // am super pumped to meet new faces and couples so reach out to me and let me make your wedding day a Blast in a Glass! (did you get the Jersey Shore REFERENCE?)


My Roots

People ask me all the time, “What got you into wedding photography?” The answer is so simple to me:

I get to hang out with bomb ass couples on the best day of their lives and deliver memories to them that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!


My Work

It is boarder line IMPOSSIBLE for me to show you all of my work that I am so very proud of in this tiny little website, HOWEVER I have tried… a little. I’ll be honest, I change up these images all the time (when my son isn’t rubbing his snotty nose all over me at least) depending on my mood. This month, these are the images that jumped out at me and I have about a billion more I want to share with you! Head on over to check out my portfolio and follow me on Instagram (it’s easy because the link is at the bottom of this page… you literally have no excuses) to peep my most recent creations!


What Sets me Appart from all the other Photographers?

4 Words: I love you, lots… kidding. My 4 words? I GIVE A SHIT! I am not going to ghost you even if you try to ghost me. I’m going to check if hair-ties are off wrists. I’m going to tell men to empty their pockets because we don’t need questionable bulges. I’m going to get up close and personal and fix your hair if the goal isn’t to let the wind do it’s thing. I’m going to text you the night before your wedding and check in. I’m going to help you plan. I’m so stupid dedicated to my couples it’s ridiculous. And if you want to be friends after… YAS QUEEN! Or if you want to part ways, sad but see ya chief.

Just know that I’m here for you!


“Just looked through all my images from our wedding. Jes… I f*cking died. You have some serious Talent”