Jordan and Joe

Jordan and Joe got married back in October but that is an INSANELY busy time in the Wedding World, especially in PA. I feel so guilty that I’m only just now getting to their blog but maybe we will just think of it like a happy half year of marriage gift!

There is so much of Joran and Joe that I just can’t put into words which is ironic because Jordan - man, that girl can talk! I think that is part of her charm though. From our very first meeting I felt like I was walking away with new friend. Joe on the other hand, who I once thought was more reserved (which is fine), came out on his wedding day! He had a huge smile plastered on his face the entire day and was just having the time of his life with his friends and it was so amazing to finally get to meet the real Joe! As I was going back through their wedding trying to whittle down their images for the blog I actually teared up again. These two have SO MUCH DAMN LOVE FOR EACH OTHER! All of their friends felt it and knew it and lived it and embraced it. Their families were so warm and welcoming and I hope to grow up and be what both of their mother’s are to them. The couple that I have grown to adore and stalk on insta are clearly products of their environments and I had so much fun getting to meet their worlds.

Can we talk about location? Way back when I did their engagement session Jordan says to me “I want to go to a waterfall… but everyone will tell you that I am not an outdoors person. My idea of outdoors is like Mimosas on the patio.” But she held her own and we drove up to the Poconos to shoot by this beautiful waterfall! I’m so happy we did because nothing else would have done their venue justice. How many times have you gone skiing and thought about how amazing the views were. Well you can get married there!!! I had no idea this was a think people did until I met with Jordan and Joe and now it’s a new goal of mine. Blue Mountain Ski Resort was the PERFECT wedding location! Pair the views with the lodge and the amazing catering provided and it was goals. I mean, just check out that first look location?If you’re getting married at this mountain or any other bomb location, please bring me along so I can join in your excitement!!

Jordan and Joe, I am forever grateful for getting to meet you both and learning a little more about love and I wish you all the best in your life and marriage. <3