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Lily and Jeff

This year I have had exactly zero amount of hours to blog anything. I didn't even look at the last blog I posted before this but I'm 90% sure it was something from the winter time... last winter... or maybe even the one before that. My goals for myself this year were to blog more because I LOOOOVVVEEEE my couples and I love making pretty things. Nonetheless, I also love being a Mom and little man has shifted my main focus of my waking hours. Actually he's shifted my sleeping hours by giving me horrific dreams every now any again but I hear that's just part of Mom life... yay Mom lif—

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Kristen & Bryce

I love me a good Philly Wedding and what a better way than to celebrate one when it’s a friend?! I know what you’re thinking isn’t everyone your friend? Real talk… Basically. Kidding. I have known Kristen and her family for as long as I can remember. We go waaaayyy back to the good old boating days where we had watermelon seed spitting contest, to beach trips where we ran surreys into parking meters. When she reached out to me it was a 100% no brainer. Philly? Check. Friend? Check. Beautiful Venue? Well it was Water Works in Fairmont so of course that was a check! Add in…

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