Kristen & Bryce

I love me a good Philly Wedding and what a better way than to celebrate one when it’s a friend?! I know what you’re thinking isn’t everyone your friend? Real talk… Basically. Kidding. I have known Kristen and her family for as long as I can remember. We go waaaayyy back to the good old boating days where we had watermelon seed spitting contest, to beach trips where we ran surreys into parking meters. When she reached out to me it was a 100% no brainer. Philly? Check. Friend? Check. Beautiful Venue? Well it was Water Works in Fairmont so of course that was a check! Add in her amazing new shiny husband Bryce and you seriously have the dream. But wait! [insert creepy announcer’s voice] There’s more! Bryce entered into this family with a perfect little daughter of his own. Nora basically stole the show from the second I walked in. Typically every wedding day starts with the details (because they are f*cking beautiful) and this was no exception. HOWEVER… once I lay the dress out perfectly and situate the shoes and flowers around it BAM! In come Nora to add her own final touches… I about died at how cute she was. Later she topped off the night with an interpretive dance with her friend to none other but a Disney song.

Something you’ll notice about these pictures: It was raining. It rained literally the entire time in which they had me shooting. Something you won’t notice about theses images: The rain bothering them. Like seriously. Yes, the rain wasn’t the plan but Kristen and Bryce embraced that shit and let me do my thing. At one point Kristen said to me, “My dress is wet to my knees” to which I replied, “Oh Shit! Lets not put it down here then and give it a break”. And what does Kristen turn around and do? Flops that beautiful train onto the ground because she trusted me and what I was doing. Future couples of the world… have faith in you photographer and embrace that shit! We can’t control the weather but we can adapt. Let us adapt like Kristen and Bryce so fearlessly did.