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So you're looking for a Strong Second...

Skip the B.S. and here's what you really want to know!

Canon Gal over here! I shoot primarily with the 5D MKIII and 5D MKII

I also keep my 6D on hand incase one of these decides to crap out on me mid wedding. During Natural Light scenarios, I will always have two bodies on me. I use one when shooting with Flash.

I shoot with Prime Lenses up until the Ceremony unless you request otherwise of me

My Primes consist of an 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4 and a 50mm 1.2. For details I throw on a macro tube which I swear by to get the job done right the first time! 

All of my Cards are quick writing SanDisk Gold and Professional

If you would rather me shoot on your cards, that's fine as well. I know and trust mine. 

Ceremony and Reception are typically shot with Zoom Lenses unless you request otherwise of me

My zoom lenses are a 24-115 4.0 and a 70-200 1.8 beast. My goal is to not be in your way so feel free to move me when needed. I won't be offended. 

While I consider myself to be a Natural Light Photographer, I know flash is required at weddings and that doesn't scare me

I use YN600's, one on camera and two off camera when they are cooperating with me. I have three as of now but that's always bound to change. I can utilize both on and off camera flash. 

My Philosophy on Second Shooting

Ask any of my couples because I tell them the same thing I'm telling you. Prime shooters are there to get the shots you HAVE to have, Second Shooters are there to get the shots you WANT to have. By this I mean that while you are talking and instructing your couple, I am there to capture their reactions and move around to find a more dynamic lighting situation that you might not catch at first. Need to give your "posing" brain a rest? Look over to me and I will step in and direct your couple without a problem. Need me to start solo with the men before you meet me? I have no problem walking blindly into a room and finding something to connect with them on to get genuine reactions!

Rate Per Hour

My Second Shooting rate is $50/hour. If there is travel further than 2 hours or parking more than $10 I would greatly appreciate compensation at the cost of the couple. Can't make it to your own wedding? I can Associate shoot for you as your Primary for $100/hour. This is not inclusive of any editing or culling.

Want more Information?

Check out the wedding tab to see some samplings of my work. Interested in full Galleries? Ask away! I also have a bit about me on (you guessed it) my "About Me" page. 

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