Kendra and Tyler Wedding - Jessica Lynn Photography

Kendra and Tyler's Wedding

The Booking House - Manheim, PA

Do you all want to know my favorite thing about Kendra and Tyler? I'm sure it's also your favorite thing about them. I'll give you a hint: IT'S EVERYTHING! Whats not to love about them? During their first meeting with me, engagement session, hundreds of text messages, and the final meeting before their wedding, they were nothing but giggles and smiles. I remember before our final meeting, I told Kendra, "Tyler doesn't have to come... typically the grooms are uninterested in this last meeting." Kendra responds, "He'll be there... he likes you!". It made my heart so happy! Their wedding at the Booking House was so beautiful and so well put together. Shout out to all vendors involved in helping this wedding run so smoothly! Also shout out to my helper shooters Kristen and Christina! 

Let me tell you how the love and energy didn't fizzle out at all over the course of their wedding day! Everyone I met and talked with was amazing. The Mom's showed me nothing but love, the sisters were so caring and considerate the whole day, the brothers were there to provide a giggle, and both Dad's made me tear up. Seriously, Kendra and Tyler come from an amazing support system which helped the wedding to run so smoothly and also presented some very touching moments. I'm not kidding when I tell you I wept like 9 times throughout the day. The first was at Kendra fully dressed. I mean DAMN! She looked so good! I knew she was going to be stunning but her radiant beauty took me by surprise. And Tyler looked so sharp in his suit! Even if it was a little warm outside, he rocked it!

Kendra and Tyler wanted to save their big reveal to each other when for when she walked down the isle so we were able to take a sweet moment to ourselves and share some love before the ceremony with a first touch. They also choose to share a little note with one another. Incase you were curious, this was another one of those times that I just started to weep. The excitement these two have for each other in quiet moments is pure magic. Smiles from ear to ear and they couldn't even see the other one!

Then we have this wedding party! They were so much fun! Also, they may have been the reason I kept getting teary-eyed because they kept on getting teary-eyed. I can't help it, I'm a sympathetic crier. These women all meshed so well and looked fly as anything while doing it! Looking through the pictures, I could tell how hysterical the groomsmen were the whole day. I almost wish I was there from the start of the day so I could hear all the jokes. 

The last part of any good wedding is the dancing. My God did these people not disappoint. Every time I looked behind me there was a new group of faces making their way to the dance floor. As a photographer this is my favorite. Some of you may have even caught me dancing because I can't help it when the energy is so happy around me. I expected a lot of fun from this wedding and I was not disappointed in the least. I hope everyone there had as much fun as I did celebrating the very evident and ever present love between Kendra and Tyler. Love you both! 

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