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Jordan and Joe Engagement

Poconos, PA

Jordan and Joe found me while on the hunt for Wedding Photographers through Instagram! Someone tell my husband that those hours I spend updating my images and crafting my hashtags pays off! But in all seriousness, choosing a wedding photographer is a very difficult job. I am in the industry and had a hard time choosing my own! After a Nachos Date in Philadelphia, however, it was pretty clear to see that we were made for each other! A few months later, and just about a year before their wedding at Blue Mountain, we took off to the Poconos for one hell of an Engagement Session!

Our first stop on our adventure day led was literally the middle of nowhere. We piled into Joe's truck, drove down a gravel road until it ended, emptied out the most comical items from  the bed of his truck, and got our day started.

While we were here I also saw what I believed to be the most adorable pine tree starting to grow and I just HAD to do Jordan's beautiful ring shots on it. Hind sight is 20/20 or maybe baby brain is taking over more than I would like to admit, but I need to note, there are a total of ZERO pine trees in the area. So This adorable little spout in the ground was probably not a pine tree but nonetheless, it still made for a pretty epic ring shot. It doesn't hurt that Jordan just had her ring cleaned AND didn't wear it until shoot day. Seriously blinding. I remember at one point in the shoot down by the waterfall (yes... there is a bomb a** waterfall coming!) but a little pocket of sunshine hit her ring when we were talking and I just zoned out. Like, "Hi, my name is Jes and apparently I like sparkly things". Can you blame me?!

One of the things I really love about engagement sessions is getting to spend the day with my couples. I get to hear about their relationship and pry into what makes them work as a couple. This is where I really get to know my couples and see how they interact together and double check that we are really a good fit for each other for their wedding day. Yes, you heard that right, you - as a couple - are also under the microscope. SCARY! 

I can't say enough good things about Jordan and Joe as a couple. Our first date was fun and I knew I liked them right off the bat, but sometimes first impressions fade and monsters are revealed. Not at all the case with these too. Jordan is so honest about who she is and how Joe makes her feel. Like, the most honest relationship I've ever seen, but not at all to a fault. It's beautiful. And then there is Joe, the sweetest and most considerate FiancĂ© I have met on an Engagement Session. Between the outfit changes, and the posing, and the moving all around with all of our belonging I didn't here a peep of negativity out of Joe. Round of applause for him because I know that pictures aren't the most enjoyable thing for some of the guys I work with. There is a to of trial and error, some awkward moments, and a sh*t ton of giggles. One my couples are able to release into the relaxed and enjoyable phase, magic happens. Which brings us to our next location, the beautiful waterfall! 

The whole reason Joe and Jordan wanted to have their session in the Poconos was because of this beautiful waterfall. I don't blame them at all! It was a simple hike to get out to it (thank God because I'm not as agile as a prego) but it didn't disappoint. And we basically had the place all to ourselves aside from a few passerby's that even cheered us on as we were shooting! So much fun! 

Seriously? So adorable! I die. Thank you giant blanket scarf that Jordan grabbed last minute. There is nothing I love more than cozy shoots and cuddling under a blanket. Thankfully the water added a nice chill to the air because it was not a cold day! 

After the waterfall which I could have spent the entire day climbing and shooting around, Jordan and Joe changed into something slightly more formal and we headed back towards the car but not before stopping a an adorable little bridge over the water where we could use this fun "Save the Date" sign. Um... Jordan made that. She told me their wedding was going to have a fair amount of DIY which I always love but this is like professional grade DIY. I can't wait to see the rest of her ideas a year from now! 

So I'm going to admit something I'm guilt of... I have never been to Blue Mountain when it wasn't skiing season. I'm so ashamed. I didn't know how much they had to offer, even in the "off" season. One of those beautiful things because the Wedding Location! I'm so excited! I want to be able to share a picture of it with you, but I don't have one because the session was over. Nonetheless, we still shot a little outside the Resort with a stellar view and the setting sun. This of course was AFTER we made a pit stop at a local restaurant that I can't remember. 

For those of you who don't know me (no I'm not about to give a bridesmaid speech) I love nothing more than blowing with the wind. So we are all so hungry after this shoot, like ravenous, like we haven't eaten in 7 years hungry. Jordan mentioned that their venue is close and semi on the way home so why not stop. I'm in! But then she mentioned this other spot on the water and my ear heard "more water... go there!" I'm a pieces and water baby. It was only 10 minutes in the wrong direction but who cares... More Water!! So we decided we didn't want to eat there, but I wanted to shoot there. We devised all these master plans of how to get back there and literally had to use zero of them. After we borrowed the beach of this cute little place, we finished up at Blue Mountain and scarfed down some delicious food. I'm so happy that I got to check out their venue ahead of time because it got me even more excited! Jordan and Joe are going to have a beautiful Blue Mountain Wedding in October of 2018. Check back then to see how their wedding was! 


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