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...and the importance of a First Look

Sometimes people ask me why it's important to do a first look, or more commonly, why I (a photographer incase you couldn't tell), recommend doing a first look. The number one answer I want to give is "Why wouldn't you?!!". I understand the history in the idea that there is bad luck if you see your spouse before the ceremony, and some religions might feel some way about it, and blah, blah, blah. And I don't want to discredit anyone's beliefs or step on any toes, but from a photographer and the type of being that I am, I love them! 

It's 2017 as I'm writing this and I have seen disaster strike on numerous forums. Imagine this: You're walking down the isle and all you want to do is see the person your about to marry... but you can't. Why can't you? Because Aunt Linda has her iPad out because she is clearly the most experienced in the field. No worries, one you walk past Aunt Linda you'll be able to see the smiling face of your love. That is of course is Uncle Henry, Cousin Tammy, Friend of a Friend who might be named Larry, and your bestie who didn't make the bridal party also have their phones away. Now I know what you're thinking, We will request for the ceremony to be unplugged so nothing will get in the way. Yeah... OK. Let me know how that goes. I've been to a lot of weddings as a photographer and guest. I've even been the guest that sits on the isle so I can see everything happening in the isle with my phone out. Guilty... sorry other photographers, I'm pretty sure we've all been that person. Moral of the story is, it happens! It happens all the time. Within 5 seconds your fairytale gaze into your lovers eyes are squashed because you can't even see them. This is why I prefer a first look as a human. 

From a photographer standpoint it gives us more control. Who doesn't like to be in control? Let us take you to a beautiful setting so the moment you see one another is just between you! Let us ensure that nothing is going to get in our way of capturing your faces as you see each other and all the hard work that went into getting ready. That is assuming you turn the correct way. More importantly, let us be a part of that moment when you can say, "You look amazing" and share your last few kisses before you are officially married. Go ahead and sneak that last flirty butt grab as I'm testing lighting. ;)

Party Time! I'm going to let you in on a little secret... Photographers don't stop photographing at your wedding for nearly anything. Yes, we request a small break to eat at some point in the day, but even that is a couple of bites shoved into out pie holes in fear that we might miss something. Cocktail hour is a blessing for us. It gives us a chance to slow down and take a break, rack out brains and see what we want to do next, get all the detail shots of your reception, sneak some food (Shh!), and really bask in the beautiful settings that we get to visit. Have I told you I love my job? Fonthill Castle did not disappoint us at all. The wide open fields, the picturesque building, the driveway with trees running down either side. I would have been an idiot not to tag along at this wedding. While I am aware I am not putting on display some of my best work, it's still my work and this day taught me a lot to get me to where I am today. 

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't, but I have to mention it again. I love all the freedom that a first look gives you! (Just kidding, I never said I wouldn't say it again because I'll say it a million times more) I love the freedom that a first look gives you! Picture you just got married and now you want to go show off to everyone how good you look and everyone is itching to see your ring and take their pictures with you as a married couple. Would you rather do this at your reception or your cocktail hour? I know I was ready to eat by my reception and ready to have that alone time with my husband. If you don't plan on having a first look, considering missing all the fun that is the start of the party. 

Notice something about the pictures above? Where are Gizem and Bryan? 

Talking to their guests and taking pictures with them! They are using this time to relax and catch up with the people who have traveled from all around to celebrate them. Kissing their parents and saying thank you! Laughing with friends about all the funny things that happened during the ceremony. Grabbing a drink! Stealing a bite to eat and sweet kisses that will be in their memories only forever. And the guests are all happy because they got to see the bride and groom and talk to them and update Instagram before they put their drunk eyes on. 

So many drunk eyes. This reception was so much fun between the dancing and of course the celebrating, but I don't feel like I need to say much about it. These pictures speak for themselves. Note to everyone, dance and have fun at every wedding you go to... even if your date does want to. Leave them be at the table and go dance your face off! 

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