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Danielle and Dan

Columbia Station // Phoenixville, PA

March 24th, 2018

I can say with 2,000% certainty that I am WAY behind on blogging. #Guiltyascharged. I haven't found the time to sit down and actually think like a human until today! Yay Today! 5 months into my beautiful baby boy's life and I am starting to get some brain power back! What better way to celebrate this moment then taking a trip down memory lane to the first wedding I was able to be a part of post baby! Welcome to the Wedding of Danielle and Dan! 

These love birds are my kind of people. From the first time I met Danielle (almost 2.5 Years ago) to the time I ran into them at Manatawny Distillery, to their engagement session, to multiple shoots between, all the way to their wedding. I have enjoyed them literally every time I have been around them. Although I could have told you that would happen as they are friends of a friend and I keep myself surrounded with people I like! So, Duh! Danielle and Dan share a love that is filled with a few very important elements; Friendship being the first of those. I will admit, sometimes I work with couples and they might be a bit of bickering which is fine... everyone has different relationships! However, these two never one had words in front of me which shows the amount of respect they have for one another and the care they have for outsiders opinions of them. Who knows... maybe they are ideal and never fight! Regardless, the fact that they want to present the best version of each other for outsiders to see is so amazing to me. 

This brings me to my next quality in their relationship that I have so much admiration for; respect. #Findoutwhatitmeanstome. Seriously though, the respect they have can be summed up into one event. During a Mini Session I was hosting at Valley Forge Park, these two joined in to capture pictures of them with Anna (like from Frozen) their adorable puppers and we chatted a little about their wedding. The topic of makeup came up and Danielle was a little apprehensive at first about a trial or the idea of someone doing her makeup... I can't remember the exact wording. Any who, Dan chimes in with a comment that 1) Made her feel beautiful which I read from her reaction, 2) Comforted her in something that might seem so small but in the life of wedding planning can seem so big, and 3) Was a solution. Like Hello?! What guy in the history of ever has had any input on their fiancĂ©'s makeup? I know this might seem like such a silly thing to probably everyone in the worlds, but I work with a lot of couples and it was just a refreshing moment to me!  

Okay! Enough of my sap... now for the part that you are really all here for. Their day!!! Special thanks to all of the vendors who helped make their day so beautiful! 

Venue: Columbia Station, Phoenixville // Dress: Arielle Bridal // Cake: The Masters Baker // Hair: Mint Hair Studio // Makeup: Casey Cono from Dylan Michael Cosmetics // Invitations: Minted // Decor: DIY // Food: Robert Ryan Catering Selfie Mirror: MJ Entertainment // DJ: Walt Breslin- Silver Sound

I almost forgot!! They finished their night off with a DOUGHNUT WALL!!! Be still my heart <3 

Danielle and Dan, I wish you all the best with your marriage and all the best in life! I can't wait for you to pop out some little peanuts of your own because you have been so supportive of mine and you love those other little peanuts as if they were your own! Never stop being so awesome and I hope to see you both soon!!  

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