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Every now and again I like to do a shoot where it's all my ideas, my styling, my vision, and my branding. I know, it sounds a little selfish of me, but running a photography business is just like any other business where sometimes you need to stretch your wings! Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and I love working with all my clients to turn their visions into life. Sometimes I just need a little me time where I know I can get creative and not have to be concerned about anyone's opinion but my own. This shoot was one of those days! Everyone, meet the bomb ass Tori. Its clear to see why I would want to shoot with Tori... her hair goals are fire and she has such a unique look!  To top it all off, she is down to earth, easy to hang out with, and just matches my energy. 

So we were talking about this shoot I had in mind and my vision and she says, "I have a friend that has horses". I felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he gets the golden ticket. My eyes lit up and a rush of ideas came pouring into my head. YES! YAAAASSSSSS B! I was so excited! I knew we had to add them in. Then the rain on my parade; she reached out and they no longer have horses. All the sad emotions. On the hunt I went... I was not ready to give up on this vision. 

So I reach out to 10 stables in the area... thank you boonies... and 2 get back to me. A grand total of 2! The first one who I won't mention was out of control! Great business people, I assume from their pricing, but not within my range. Brides, trust me when I tell you I get a budget! Enter in Red Buffalo Ranch. I will shout them out and sing their highest praise for all the days of my life. They were super great to work with, incredibly accommodating, and flexible when I needed it most. Go check them out! Go get on a horse! Go explore something you haven't done before or in a while. Find Noelle who was amazing in helping us the day of! I can't thank her and Red Buffalo Ranch enough for helping to make my vision come to life!

We had it! We had a horse to work with. Noelle was kind enough to even let me choose my own horse out of their horses on site! I knew I wanted a white one for my vision and choose one that mentioned it had a very kind heart. After Noelle bathed her the night before... she rolled in mud. Horses will be horses. Enter in Breeze. Thank you to the owner of Breeze of letting us barrow her for the day! 

A little back story on this day. A slight New Flash if you will... 

[ Tori has never been on a horse ]

News to my ears, but I was determined at this point. I mentioned the only thing I could remember from my days of riding... Don't walk to closely behind them. haha Poor Tori! I had no advice to offer up! Again, another reason I am forever grateful to Noelle. I am aware that bareback riding is slightly more difficult than with a saddle but hey, Tori has never been on a horse so she won't know one over the other. Up she goes. I died a little. Tori was hysterical and I felt a little guilty but she handed the situation like a champ. Let me paint this picture, she's new to the horse world, thinks the horse is going to bite her, never ridden or been this close, and we throw her up there bareback in a skirt... As beautiful as she was, it was also slightly comical to see her legs shaking a bit. I'm not even kidding you though that after a few circles in the grass, she model-moded the sh*t out of the shoot. 

Let's talk clothing for a second. I am dying to do a styled wedding shoot and have multiple vendors involved and a beautiful dress and time to shoot and play around. This, however, came together in less than a week and I was stressed for clothing. If you follow Tori on instagram @shadeeiii you will see this adorable little brown body suit contraption that I could NEVER pull off. I knew I wanted that incorporated into the shoot somehow. I also knew I wanted something light colored and flowing. My vibe was boho, earthy, natural and a hint to chic. I just wanted pretty things and textures and motion. Where in the world was I going to find a skirt? It wasn't quite warm enough for this type of clothing to be out in the stores yet so I was going to have to go online. I didn't have time for standard shipping but luckily I am a prime member. I searched all over amazon and couldn't find what I was looking for. Enter in Facebook. Thank God for Facebook (said everyone secretly)! I had a friend who bought this skirt, realized it didn't fit, and was willing to part with it for nothing! Jackpot! To recap... I don't feel like you need to spend a lot of money for beautiful things. Tori's top was from Target, jewelry from Walmart and Target, Skirt fo' free yo, blanket from a tiny corner store in Rickett's Glen State Park, and the florals I made myself from Produce Junction! And I'm so happy with how it all came together! I need to just pat myself on the back quickly for these florals. 

I know, I know, they aren't perfect, but as I tell everyone... I'm okay with a little imperfect! Can we also talk about Tori's fab makeup? She did that herself! I'm so in love! Eventually we had reached our time limit with Breeze and fed him more than enough carrots but we were in a dream world. There are a few things I look for when I'm photographing that I know will read well in pictures. It doesn't always have to be wide open spaces or picturesque locations, I look for textures and nature and how I can blend it all together. We had a small space of field to work in, but it was perfect to me. Across the way, where they keep more of the horses, there is a filed filled will beautiful wildflowers and I almost sh*t myself when I saw it, but then I realized we wouldn't be using that field and I was a little crushed. But then I realized, I'm an artist! This is what I do! I find thing that don't look 100% ideal and make them 100% ideal. Challenge accepted and I'm so happy with how everything turned out! 


[ I swear one day I'm going to deliver a full gallery in black and white ]

Since this was my shoot, I seriously considered not doing color... but look at those greens and pinks and blues! How could I get rid of them?

Spring fever ya'll!

You thought I was done talking, didn't you? That's okay... I thought I was too. We finished the shoot, I just wanted to get home and edit but then we passed a park and the sun was starting to peek out. Thanks again to Tori for being down for literally anything! I used to edit under a photographer out of Germantown who has this beautiful and slightly grungy picture of a bride smoking before her wedding. It is a beautiful capture of hers and I get it, some people don't like smoking, but I don't judge. I figured, what the hell, Tori is here and messes with that world so why not take advantage of it. Plus we were being bathed in the most beautiful filtered sunlight and it was fun to play around! 

Okay, now I'm finished. 

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