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Tina and the Red Dress

I'm sure, by this point, if you follow me on Instagram (@captured.by.jessicalynn) then you know I was just about over winter. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE the winter. I like the cold, and getting cozy, and wearing boots, and the chill of the wind against my face. There is always a point in the winter months where I forget that it's possible to be warm outside at night ever. This is my breaking point with winter. It came early for me this year because we never got any good snow! I was DYING to take pictures in the snow this year and I never got to. So maybe me, Jes, isn't over winter but photographer me, Jessica Lynn, is over is. Bye Felicia winter. 

Lucky for me, I got a break this winter which I think made me miss summer even more. My husband, Steve (Hi Steve!), travels for work and luckily for me, I get to go along with him. Now, this may seem wonderful at first, but I'm not a sitter. I can't laze around in the hotel room all day or attempt to get tan by the pool. It has it's moments with me but I can't handle it in the long run. I'm a do'er. I need to do sh*t. I need to see sh*t! What's the point of going someplace if I can't see what it has to offer?! 

So here I am, everyone! In this beautiful land of sunshine and cacti. It has been another dream of mine to shoot out in Utah with the vast lands and pink rocks, but today, we are talking about Arizona. Arizona has been both a goal and a fear of mine. I'm primarily a natural light photographer; it's my happy place. I do like to play around with flash, but I just prefer the light of day and any ambiance to light my images. I have my tricks for where I like to find to capture the best of my subjects and Arizona is slightly lacking. I'm talking tree's people! I love nature! I love working with it and flowing it into my images. I was told on numerous occasions that I don't want to get close to this type of nature, especially the Jumping Cholla! There was one magical plant that I saw was okay to touch but that was on a different shoot and that blog will be coming soon! Keep an eye out for Josie and Aaron. 

Anyway, here I am. I know that I'm going to need to find some friends to occupy my days while Steve is working so I reach out to a community of creatives and Ta Dah! Everyone meet Rachel! Just kidding, I don't have any pictures of her, but she is AMAZING. She is the owner of The Power Room and a wonder creature of God's. Go check her out if you in Tucson! (www.powderroombridal.com) So Rachel is down with my vision that was actually for my second shoot, later to come. However, she also knows and spoke very highly of Tina who is a photographer in Tucson as well. Go check her out while your at it! (www.pureinart.com) If you can some how work with Tina and Rachel, you will be one hella lucky bride!

Rachel did an amazing job with makeup, all the whole managing their two littles ones. This was like a dream day for me. I got to meet new people, control the look of a shoot, collaborate with an amazing artist, play in the sunshine, and play with little ones! I'm not going to say that children are easy to shoot, but they are so fun to work with. Granted, Kinsley was more interested in the dirt around us, but she's 19 months... I don't blame her at all.

Back to the makeup. So we met on Facebook of all places and hit it off right away! Even with her busy schedule she was able to find time to hook me up not once, but twice! She will be mentioned again in the Josie and Aaron blog. Is any one else excited for that one like I am? Is it obvious? 

Last shout out to Rachel... I promise... YOU ROCK GIRL! Don't ever stop doing what your doing because you do it damn well! 

So back to the shoot. I'm in heaven, I have so many things to be excited about. Tucson was my second stop in Arizona, I first stopped in Phoenix. While I was there I got to meet up with an old college friend and practice my dessert art. I'm sure at some point that session will also make it to the blog because I can't stop drooling over the pictures. Seriously, Arizona is so out of my element and wonderful... I could live their easily. 

Okay, everyone knows the emoji of the girl dancing in the red dress right? Let me tell you how that is all I thought about once I saw this dress from Lulus! I fell so in love with it. My request for the shoot was something the wind could play with, and damn did Tina deliver! And Kinsley was super adorable in her little white dress and pig tails. I die every time I see adorable pigtails on little girls. Something takes over my being and I become this giddy mess of a human; I love it. That was your warning though... I can't control my emotions when I'm super happy - mainly because I don't see the reason to hold it back. Look at them! 

So Tina helped me over come my fears of shooting in wide open sunshine, was patient with me while I played around with my flash, took me to the amazing Sweetwater Preserve, and was all around a great person to meet. I can't wait until the next time I go back to Arizona! I feel like there is still so much I want to do now that I've gotten my "I want a cactus in the shot" obsession checked off my list. Enjoy the rest of the fun I was able to be a part of while under the desert sun! 

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