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Mia's Outdoor Boudoir

I am in so much love with shooting Boudoir! I want to just scratch out the word Boudoir and rather refer to it as Empowerment Photography. Living so close to Philadelphia tends to make life a little confessed (much like my head at this moment) however Mia happens to live in a dream world! Every year she gifts her now husband with a calendar of her. Her reasoning? I died when I heard her response, "Well I know he wants to keep a calendar in his shop that is enjoyable to look at and I'd rather have him look at me than other naked women." Yes girl! This is what empowerment is! Nothing against the models that swarm the visuals in men's private and not so private work spaces, but why not have it be you! Have your husband interested in you. The best part about it, is you get to have so much fun! 

So not only does Mia's husband get a calendar every year, but each year has it's won theme! I can't wait to see where this takes her in the years to come. The one she had hanging during this shoot was all in the kitchen with baking and messes and so much fun and sex. Let's face it, Mia is hot everyone. This year she wanted to include all of his favorite things. This included his Quad, his mustang, his dog Duke, his gun, and of course Mia her self. 

We really lucked out with the weather this day. I remember a few years back when it snowed on halloween... in fact I'll never forget about it because I also happened to total my car that day. Fast Forward 5 years and we have this beautiful 70 degree fall day towards the end of October. So sorry Earth for the Global Warming the humans are causing, but at least know we are taking advantage of the confusion of Mother Nature. That actually doesn't make it sound any better... stop factory farming to save the Earth! Any who, that's a whole different can of worms. Something else included in this shoot?! 'Murica! F*uck Yeah! 

My most favorite part about this shoot and with any shoot is to find that overgrown magic that the sunlight just dances across. It's seriously something magical for me. Lucky for us, Mia happened to have this just across the way in a neighbors yard. Dear Neighbor, thank you so much for not being home to we could use your poorly maintained yard! We were only there for a few minutes because we were scared of getting caught but damn! I'm not kidding you when I tell you Mia was and ideal client for me. She wasn't scared to get a little dirty, she provided plenty of creative opportunities for me to work with while still trusting my creative eye, she handled direction like a boss, and she loves herself. She wasn't too concerned about this or that while photographing - partially because she has nothing to be worried about - but she trusted me even though she barely knew me. Usually it's her sister and my dear friend Amy that takes the pictures for her, but I was hired to shoot her bridal shower and we connected and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her more! Okay, less mushy and more pictures! 

Last but not least was this AH-MAZE-ING tree over her driveway. I'm a little hesitant when I'm going to shoot in an area I've never been before because I feel so out of control. I don't know what I'll find there or what the lighting will be like. Nonetheless, I pulled up to Mia's house and was blown away! She has this beautiful old tree (I wish I knew what kind... I'm guessing maple of sorts), that had the most golden leaves I've ever seen in fall. Maybe it was the warm day or the previous rain that saturated these leaves but I knew I had to shoot there. We were pretty much done for the shoot but I wanted to just keep shooting because Mia is stunning, I was off from work, the sun was out, and apparently, this tree was also a love of her husbands! Go figure! 

If you're wondering whether or not you can do a Boudoir Photo Shoot... You can! 

If you're a man and wondering if Male Boudoir is a thing... it is... Dudoiur and I love it! 

If you're wondering whether this would be a fun experience for you and your friends... it is! 

If you're shy and wan't to come alone and more importantly, be inside... I do that too! 

Moral of the story: Get out there and Get Empowered! 

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