Lury and James Engagement - Jessica Lynn Photography

Lury and James

Philadelphia, PA

Engagement Session

Lury and James are one of the most fun-loving and carefree couples I have ever had the chance to shoot. I'm not kidding when I tell you, I show up with lots of ice-breakers and ideas to get real emotions out of people and these two needed a grand total of 1! This is them in their natural element! 

Lucy first reached out to me over the summer time before they had a date picked because she was interested in a Summer Session in Philadelphia to celebrate their Engagement. After a bunch of back and forth and a few months times, they decided on a date. As luck would have it, their wedding date falls on the exact same day at my due date. I was so sad that I wasn't going to be able to work with this couple because they just seemed like so much fun! Needless to say, we still did find a way to work together! I covered their engagement session and my super talented sister in law will be covering their wedding for them! Win, win! While I'm sad I will not be present at their wedding because it sounds like it's going to be a blast, I will still get to be a part of the memories they are going to cherish forever! 

So the day of their shoot, it's a chilly 15 degrees outside. This wonder PA weather and brought a polar vortex after weeks of unusually warm weather. What are the odds? Pretty high in my world. I reached out to Lury to see what she was thinking of wearing and just pictures her freezing her ass off in that weather. No way. I like my couple to enjoy their time with me and not run the risk of coming down with a cold, especially as she had just gotten over one! So we pushed back a week and we graced with 37 degrees which was still a little chilly, but better than 15! The sad part is that we missed out on the beautiful snow that came at the end of the polar vortex. For years I have been trying to have a snowy session and just can't seem to make the timing end up right! I'm hoping the few sessions I have left before baby boy makes his arrival will bring with it some snow! 

No snow was a little blessing in disguise however because check out this amazing merlot shoes Lury has on! Together their outfits were classy AF and wouldn't have been able to be pulled off in the snowy weather. James mentioned during their wedding consultation that he had a little flare of his own and he did not disappoint! I'm so looking forward to seeing the pictures of them both done up on their wedding day! 

Every time someone mentions that they want to shoot in Philly I always think of the same spot on the Art Museum Steps. The chill kept away the masses but we still had a few people around us. Nonetheless, James and Lury were not shy at all to let their love shine through, even with a nearly naked saxophone player off to the left of them. Props to him... I was cold in my jacket! This spot in Philly is so special to me. It started off as being the symbol of Philadelphia to me, moved to become my favorite spot to watch the sunset, and then became the place where I got engaged to my husband. Thankfully it was on the bucket list for these two! 

Some other spots we hit up on the way were Fairmont Park and Center City to capture the ever popular but never disappoint City Hall Pictures! We were lucky this time of year because of the Holiday! Love Park had the market set up which came with twinkly lights to play in. While the light did end up escaping us, Lury and James were more than willing to still hit all of their stops which led to fun natural light nighttime work! #photographerdreamscancometrue! 

To Lury and James, I wish you nothing but the best for your wedding day and the rest of your beautiful life together! May the love you have for each other never fizzle out! And should you choose to bring another beautiful child into the world, may they be as beautiful as your daughter you already have! Spoil her forever James!! 

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