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Liz and Wes Engagement

Okehocking Preserve - Newtown, PA

I feel like I should really just title this blog "That time I laughed for  over an hour straight". Liz and Wes are hysterical, but I had a little tip off of that before I met them. Whenever someone reaches out to me for wedding photography I hop over to good old Facebook aka People Google and try to get a feel for what they are like. 9 out of 10 times my attempts are futile because they are private (as was the case for Liz and Wes) but we had mutual friends! I ran into these friends and asked, "Do you know Liz?" The response I got was, "We went to high school together, it's been a while since we talked. I do remember her being super funny though." SOLD! Not that any digging I find would deter me from chatting with a new couple, unless I once dated your fiancĂ© - awkward - but it's always nice to know a little bit about the couple. Needless to say, I was not in the least disappointed by this engagement session. 

I know that I've mentioned before in other blogs about people asking me about their pets. Every time I'm asked, I always give the same answer... OF COURSE! Bring all of the animals along. I'm not kidding, I don't care if you have 10 dogs and 3 cats, I will gladly have them along on any shoot. Will everyone be looking at the camera when they are supposed to? Of course not. Do animals act as a mini distraction, at times they will. Do I mind though? Not at all. Birdie was an adorable addition to this session. Also, sorry to Liz and Wes and anyone who knows how to spell this adorable puppers name if I'm spelling it wrong. She was so stinking cute though! I want all of the puppies! Were we a little terrified that she might jump on Liz's clean white pants after she got to the mud? Yup! Would it have been something else to giggle about? Yup! 

There was a super sweet element to this session that I want to make sure is mentioned. We were able to take pictures in the exact spot that these two got engaged! This is the first shoot where I can say that and it was so fun for me to make them go back in time. Literally, I stood there and watched while they reenacted the proposal and it was so much fun. It's one thing to hear the stories from couples, because I always ask, but to be in the exact place added another element that I've never had before. The Okehocking Preserve is beautiful, by the way. I had never been here before, as is the case with most shoots any more, but I was blown away. There was so much to see and take in... and of course tics. God love 'em. 

Before I wrap this all up in a pretty bow, I just want to mention one more thing that had me in stitches. I loooooove a good wall to pose on. I think it's fun to play the part of people you aren't sometimes and anything that adds texture to a picture is my new bestie in the moment. So I had Liz and Wes get up against the wall and I was trying to explain my vision. I said to them, "You know, like you're out behind high school smoking cigarettes like the cool kids. Wes comes over and throws his hand up on the wall and is all Greece Lighting and seductive and cool." So what happens in these pictures? Take a look and see if you can see it. 

See it? Liz was literally holding her fingers like she had a cigarette between them! Haha I died a little bit when this happened. They really got into what I was saying! 

I'm so grateful for the couples that trust and have faith in the goofy moments that are part of the process. With any session, I don't want to just get you pretty pictures, I want you to leave with new memories and fun to look back on. Lucky for Liz and Wes, I think they got both. If they didn't then at least I did. The love these two share is charismatic and captivating. I feel like they are actually each other's best friend who they can laugh with and have faith in when needed. They are honest with themselves and each other which means they can be themselves. The best part of that, they still choose to love each other! (And they are able to make the ever romantic Poo Lagoon look like a honeymoon destination.) Enjoy the rest of their Engagement Session at Okehocking Preserve! 

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