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Laci and Chris Engagement

One of the toughest parts about being a photographer is not being able to do it all. The friend in me is super duper excited to be in this wedding as part of the bridal party! However, the shutter bug in me is saying, "Waaahhhh!!! I wan't to take more pictures of these too!" Especially after seeing Laci's dress wedding dress! I died! 

Everyone, meet one of my closest friend's Laci! We met through many a drunken nights at college. I actually met her through Ian... and both Ian and I have NOOOOO idea how we actually met. Nonetheless I'm happy I did because I got to meet and live right across the street from this feisty mama! I can say without any doubt that college wouldn't have been nearly as much fun with out this woman in my life. From sledding down the hill across from York College (which I only know I was there because of pictures) to trying to party like adults... aka bringing guacamole; this girl has been there for it all. She was also in my sweaty-hot-as-h*ll wedding! This is a true friend! 

Even though I'm not shooting their wedding, they still couldn't help but wanting me and all my greatness to capture their engagement for them. Oops, I'm letting my modesty slip out. ANNDDD they (I assume Chris was a little of this decision... kidding) choose the most amazing spot. Longwood Gardens! I've never shot at Longwood Gardens before, aside from my own pleasure, but it was so worth it! The one downfall, the people. We worked around that though. 

Enter in Chris. If the other visitors of the park didn't want to give us space, Chris would awkward them out of the way. While I'm sure the alcohol helped, I've also come to know this as his personality. Chris is down for whatever and it makes me so happy. He's secretly super kind but he'll never let it show right off the bat. Most importantly, he makes anyone laugh! So we started out by the Italian Water Fountains which was on the list of must haves for Laci. No one wanted to give us space. I actually had people walking 100% in front of my camera and stand there. Like I'm not even kidding when I tell you there were close enough to touch. Does no one understand I'm trying to create Magic?! I guess that's what we get for visiting on a Saturday of a new exhibit opening. C├ęst la vie, with a little patience and understanding, we were able to get as close to perfection as possible. I think it had something to do with Laci's bomb *ss dress! 

In Longwood Gardens there is a small lake and a big lake. On the big lake there is the AH-Mazing metal topped gazebo that pops out onto the water. It's seriously beyond beautiful. Do you know what that means? You guessed it... people! Yay! So I saw a perfect spot for me to creep on them getting all romantical and I tasked them with one of the most difficult jobs. Go get the people out of the way. There were about 20 people in that Gazebo taking selfies galore and who am I to ruin their fun? They paid to be there just like I did. But then again, I had a long list of places I wanted to shoot and only a limited time frame to work in. So how does Chris respond? "Challenge accepted". I giggled and got my things set up where I was and to my surprise... the people left! Not only that, but they didn't come back! I was so surprised. I also think Chris might have been crop-dusting the whole area, either way, it worked! This is why I love Longwood! Look at this fairytale! 

Did everyone catch that little butt grab at the end? Shh! How rude of me for pointing that out, also... High Five, Chris! I'm not are if you're seeing a theme in these pictures yet, but Laci likes to be dipped. This was the most hysterical part of the shoot. Every time we get to a new spot you heard, "Dip Me!". "Dip me here!" "Dip me there" "Dip me again". Shortly after the gazebo my husband showed up to join us on our adventures and he caught onto it real quick. Can you judge her though? What girl doesn't want to be dipped all over when you're walking through a dream world?

This next picture has a little bit of a story to go along with it. But first, lets just take a moment to appreciate Laci's ring. 

It's beautiful right? Well I'm just glad she still has it. I was adjusting my things after taking this picture and handed a camera to Laci to which she decided she wanted to try to take some pictures too. No worries everyone, I only hand of gear to people I trust with my life. So after snapping a few we hed out to go and catch sunset. Laci has a habit of playing with her ring and we get about 20 feet from the building and she looks at me. Oh Sh*t. She holds up her hand and her ring isn't there. My Husband, Steve, and Chris are oblivious to the fact of what has happened because they were chatting like schoolgirls are recess. Sh*t, Sh*t. So I have my cameras dangling from my sides and Laci is in heals... neither one of us in a condition to run. We turn to the boys, "Go back and get Laci's ring from the flower!" "What flower?" "The pink one!". We might have well of just said, the one with petals. We were literally in a sea of pink flowers... (insert less than enthralled emoji)

So the boys turn around and sprint back as Laci and I get there as quickly as I can and they are not smiling at us. Steve waves me over like, "Hurry the f*ck up!" and my heart sinks. Maybe Chris is playing a mean joke on us... Laci books it... She runs faster in heals than I do in sneakers, but then again, if my ring were missing, I might also. Oh wait!! So only a week or so before this, I was teaching a curious student some of the tricks of the trade about photography. We were about to finish up so as I'm packing up I hand him my ring and macro to play around a bit. Fast forward 3 hours and I'm home watching a movie with Steve and my heart drops. I left my ring at the park! I was too concerned about making sure I had back all my gear that I forgot it! I fly out of the house in my pajamas and slippers, drive silently 20 minutes to the park and hunt around in the pitch back for my ring. Thankfully it was exactly where I left it. Laci's ring... not to much. 

I feel like I need a happy picture picture break...

Ahhh yes! My two happy friends not knowing that danger was looming around the corner... 

So we all get inside and split up without even discussing it. Steve is questioning couples who have no idea what we are talking about while Chris lurks around the corner spying on people's hands. Laci is running around like a majestic gazelle in heels and I'm digging through this plant praying the ring fell and played plinko on the way down. Nothing. Steve and Chris as so convinced they saw a group of people walk by after us so we start searching the area frantically for a group with a stroller and the guy had a red shirt. So basically anyone in Longwood Gardens that day. 

Eventually we see a security guard and Laci runs over and managed not to cry while mustering out what happened. This small child security guard (like 21 years old) just looks at her. "Well... no one reported it". (Every time he talks, I want you to think young stoner voice.) He had no desire to help us. I don't know if you remember a blog post from a  little while ago where I told you it's hard for me to take no as an answer; it came in handy. "Are there cameras we can check?", I ask. "Well... I don't know if I'm aloud to tell you whether or not there are cameras." Then I ask, "Can you radio someone and see if a ring is reported missing?" "Well... I don't know if I'm aloud to..." I can't even remember what bullsh*t excuse he gave us but now I'm annoyed. "We would like to report it then" He says in his tiny stoner voice, "Well... you'll have to go to the front desk to do that." The front desk is on the opposite end of the entire grounds! No way buddy! "How about you radio someone who knows these answers. Can you call your supervisor?" "Well... I'm not sure if I can do that with you standing right there." At this point I'm hell bent on standing in this same spot until I get an answer out of this small child. 

He finally radios over and I hear him say, "Well... I don't know what to tell these people" and my heart drops. I felt so helpless and it wasn't even my ring. Typically when I'm done shooting it, I put it on my finger until I find the bride again. My excuse... Laci was the last one shooting it and I was already focused on my next task. Dumb mistake on both of us! Just as I've given up all hope he comes over and says, "Someone reported a ring being found". HALLELUJAH! So we walk over to the help desk in the green house and there is no one there. My heart sinks again... WTF?! Who played this cruel joke on us? At the same time these two Angelic women walk over towards us, "We found this ring". Laci about ripped her hand off to get it back and the day was saved. Thank you to those two women. And thank you to whatever Gods we made happy that day so they would help us. 

Also a perk of me never saying no... "So... are you guys ready to go out and catch that sunset?" haha I thought for sure the answer was going to be no because Chris wasn't super happy about Laci leaving her ring. But they said yes! Yay! Yay for friends! So we head back out to the gardens and are blessed with a beautiful sunset to finish out their shoot. Enjoy. 

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