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Kendra and Tyler Engagement

Have you ever had a moment in your life when your meeting someone and you just like them instantly? Like they are contagious to be around? I'd like to introduce you to Kendra and Tyler. They are those people. Kendra is so full of life, and giggles, and smiles, and excitement while Tyler, is compassionate, friendly, super charismatic, and so easy to talk to. The combination of these two I know is going to make a great wedding and I can't wait for it! I also now understand why they have so many people helping them to celebrate their day! Who wouldn't want to be around them? 

I'd like to also set the scene for this engagement session at St. Peter's Village. It's cold. I has just come back from Arizona after just coming home from Miami and my winter loving self hates to say it, but I was getting used to the warm. Nonetheless, I am still a winter girl at heart! I love getting cozy with my couples and the most non awkward way of having my camera in their face! Chilliness aside, these two were troopers through it. The sun disappeared on us and so did any warmth towards the end of the day, but these two put on some fancy clothes and tracked around the tiny town with me.  

Lastly, I like to introduce you to Rex... Because Rex! The world softest and most friendly dog in the world. Thank you to Rex for dragging my friend around all day! :D Seriously though, look at how pretty this adorable pup is! 

When I met Kendra and Tyler for their consultation, and because I like to meet people in general, we met at The Inn at St. Peter's Village. First things first... a bottle of beer was only like $3!! I was amazed! St. Peter's Village was a good half way point for us plus I love the little town and the massive rocks! Little did I know, driving their at night time was completely different and I felt like I was going to die. Either way, I made it. So I pull into the parking lot across the street in my tiny little Rav 4 and I literally hear the earth moving. There is this monster of a truck next to me which I learned is diesel but that's about the extend of my car knowledge. So I get my things and walk into the Inn. By this point in reality, like today's date, I've told Kendra and Tyler this story twice so I feel like it's only fair to share it with the world. As I'm waiting for them to show up I hear chatter in the bar. "What is that sound?" "Do you hear that? It sounds like thunder... What's the weather?" Shortly after this, Kendra and Tyler walk in and I blur out everyone else in the room aside from one drunk.... there is always that one. After our meeting, we walked back out to the same parking lot and Tyler starts up this beast of a truck! I should have known! If having a loud truck is something to be proud of, Tyler, you've nailed it. It made me giggle. 

At our meeting we were talking about a good spot for their Engagement Session. They were people who could hang out doors and I've been dying to shoot at St. Peter's Village and it was decided. Now, I'm not knocking my females who like to wear heels and more importantly, can walk in them... but I'm not bringing someone with heels to St. Peter's Village! I made this very clear during our chat too and Kendra was so game to climb around and be adventurous! I was so  happy! Dreams do come true! I've ventured here many of time with my husband and friends, but never for a session. It's so beautiful to me to be out in an area that is almost undisturbed nature. I don't even mind the graffiti on the rocks... shame on you if you did it, but thanks for the pops of color. 

Did I mention that it was cold yet? As we are walking along there was this perfect little pool of frozen water inside one of the rocks. What a perfect spot for some bling action! Also, I'm not sure my photo's do any of the rocks justice. The rocks in all of St. Peter's Village are like whales to me! They are huge! And the rock on Kendra's finger? Well, I'll just let you see all of it's glory. Another win for Tyler!

I had so much fun during this session with such a happy and loving couple! Thanks for following me around the wilderness like a fearless leader and just being so in love. Thanks for taking direction well and having fun while doing it! Thanks for letting my friend play with Rex all day because she has a slightly huge dog obsession. And thanks for having no shame while walking into the Inn after them telling us they were closing. 

I'm so excited for their wedding this summer and how beautiful this bride will look! Tyler, I know you would look handsome as hell too! I can't wait to see how everything comes together. Most importantly, I'm so happy to have found another couple that I just mesh well with. I think that's probably not hard for either of these two to do though.


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