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Danielle and Dan Engagement

Around the Holiday Season I did a photo shoot with an adorable little boy named Jameson. Seriously... adorable... go find his gallery and spend a few minutes plotting how to get a kid this cute of your own! Little did I know, this session would lead me to meeting one of the most amazing couples!

When Danielle and Dan got engaged, they sent out a post searching for friends of friends that were or knew any local photographers. Josh, father of adorable Jameson, threw my name into the mix and a few weeks later, here we are!  I met Danielle with her Mom at a Starbucks for the first time. I'm not shy about announcing how little shame I have so I'll just say it, I searched them out a little bit on Facebook. Searched sounds better than stalked, right? And I mean look at this couple! They are stunning each on their own and then you put them together and it's magical!

I walked into the Starbucks looking like a scrub coming off of a shoot before hand and I thought I had beat them! Great! Time to get myself situated, get a coffee or two for us and find a nice little corner. NOPE! I look ahead of me in line and there is Danielle with her Mom already paid for their order but didn't  hesitate to cover my Chai Tea for me. I knew this was going to be super awesome from this point on. So we get to talking and I can't help but notice the few tattoos scattered on Danielle and her Mom and I know these are my kind of people instantly. We start to talk about venues and it turns out They are seriously considering getting married where my husband, Steve, and I recently had our wedding! Im beyond excited to be working with the amazing staff at Columbia Station and eat some more delicious food provided by Robert Ryan Catering! I can't wait to see how their wedding unfolds and how it mixes with the left over emotions from my own wedding! 

They have been going to Jim Thorpe for some time now and actually had the Engagement location planned before they hired me! Lucky for me I don't mind the cold and a little adventure! I just need to send out a special thanks to Dan's hands for holding onto the train and not looking too tortured because I know my hands were damn cold and they were only on my camera.

Their newly rescued dog Anna (like from Frozen) was also able to tag along and while she may have been a little chilly, she was super cute! I've never worked with a puppy who was so well behaved and I have to thank Danielle for practicing with her. Between the flowing water behind them, the chilly wind whipping around, and the "Save the Date" sign hung from her, I say she did a pretty damn good job! Steve even got to walk her around a little bit while we took some more portraits at this location... think that will convince him to get me a dog?! PLEASE! 

Have I mentioned this day we very cold yet? In case I  haven't... it was super cold! The only saving grace we had was the full on sunshine with very few clouds in sight... for that I am thankful... but it was cold! I don't know how people manage to look so put together in the cold... I was dressed in "homeless-chic" with multiple layers and puffy coat and I was still getting chilly. Taking this into account, we decided to take a car heater break and drive to the top of the 100 Mile View. My goodness was it pretty up there! My goal when I travel anywhere is to climb to the top of something and just enjoy it. This was a quick enjoyment of it because - I can't remember if I mentioned this yet - it was cold! 

After we had enough of the cold, we headed back to the fantastic AirBnb rental that Dan had found and got changed and ready for their night out on the [small] town. Remember how I said I was cold in a huge jacket? God bless, Danielle for coming out in a beautiful black and lace dress. I knew she had to be cold because the sun was fleeting, the wind was picking up a bit, and she didn't have her cozy sweater. Again, shout out to them for looking so amazing while I know they were freezing. They were down for all the stops we made on the way to drinks and for that I am forever grateful!

We tried to stop at Molly Maguire's Irish Pub for some pictures inside but it turns out Jim Thorpe gets started early with their nightlight and the bar area was already filled with live music and ton's of people. While I can appreciate a crowd and music as much as the next person, it wasn't good for the pictures we had in mind. We found the same luck at another bar right up the road and took to yelp! Yay 2017!

Finally we stumbled across Stone Row Pub and Eatery and while I felt bad for the bartenders, I walked in elated to find a nearly empty bar! The staff was beyond accommodating and the food looked delicious. I wish Steve and I could have stayed for dinner but I had a shoot early the next morning and was super excited to go through these images. A sparkly pink drink and craft beer later we were warmed up yet again and ready to take our last few pictures of the night before Danielle and Dan were off to enjoy a quiet dinner. 

Stay tuned for March of 2018 when these two will be tying the knot! I cannot wait to see how stunning they will both look and I am forever excited to be chosen to capture these memories for them! These two are more than clients, they feel like friends already... plus they like nachos! WIN WIN!

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