Chris and Lauren Wedding - Jessica Lynn Photography

Chris and Lauren Wedding

Reading Public Museum - Reading, PA

Every Bride and Groom, Bride and Bride, or Groom and Groom has a different vision for their wedding day. Sometimes They opt to have every detail covered from start to finish. Other times a couple wants some things left to the imagination from the guests that will quickly be stalking their images after the wedding. What never waivers in any situation is my job as a photographer. My goal is to get you beautiful images while allowing you to enjoy you wedding day with your family friends and new partner for life. 

As soon as people hear I'm a wedding photographer I get the following two reactions, I loved my photographer! or I felt like I spent the entire day with my Photographer and didn't enjoy my wedding! I would rather be the first one for my couples. This is why it's so important to pick a wedding package that matches your wedding goals. If you know you want to saunter off into the woods with my and your new Mr. or Mrs. and spend an hour with just you two, great! I'm so game. But make sure that hour is accounted for in your wedding day and doesn't take up all of your cocktail hour and part of your reception. If you don't want pictures of you getting ready because it's too personal for you, no worries! We will stretch your hours to the dancing. Oh there won't be much dancing, again, no worries! Choose a package that doesn't have too many hours so we can capture what is most important to you and a few extras. 

As a Wedding Photographer, yes, I will come to you with more knowledge about the way a typical wedding runs. But who's to say you are having a typical wedding? Unless you are in the industry or marry someone new each month, I'm going to have more experience with creating the best timeline for you. These are things you can come to me for and I will gladly assist. A lot of my couples ask me why a first look has become so popular. I personally love a first look and had one myself and here are the reasons why. 

1. We can choose who is present when you show yourself in your best to the one you're about to marry.

2. A first look sets up a controlled environment when myself and another shooter and videographer can set ourselves up in the best spots to capture the best reactions possible. 

3. Aunt Linda and her throw away camera and Uncle Chuck with his iPad won't be there to stand in our way. 

4. If you do opt to see each other before the ceremony, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your guests at your cocktail hour! 

5. We can also tackle family formals as well as whole bridal party images before the extra friends, family, and food (my 3 favorite "F's").

6. Some of my favorite all time pictures I've ever taken come from the First Look.

Chris and Lauren were so much fun to work with for their intimate wedding at Reading Public Museum. They were a prime example of a couple who wanted the important moments captured and wanted to leave the parting for themselves. While we were able to capture the start to their reception because for the second time in my life, their wedding ran on time! That's another thing to account for, chances are, your wedding is not going to start on time. No worries though! We will be there for you and ready to start with each event as it unfolds. Never a dull moment. This wedding however is a great example of what you can get from a 5 hour package. A brief look into getting ready, their first look, family pictures, their traditional jewish ceremony, and some time to play with the couple during their cocktail hour. Short and sweet, much unlike their love story <3 

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