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Caitlyn And Suzie Do Yoga!

Yoga and I have a Love, Love, Hate, Love relationship. When I first started my yoga journey it was out of a small studio in King of Prussia. Our friends who are now both instructors said, "You've got to try it! It's a great work out!" That's how all great work out stories start right? They didn't feel the need to tell us that would we basically smell like rung out garlic cloves after the dinner they just fed us! This was Bikram they were talking about which means the room reaches temperature anywhere from 90-100 easily. I'm pretty sure you could walk in there and just do corpse pose (aka lay on the ground) and you would still lose weight. I miss this studio so much! They had to close and a new owner took over and I just wasn't a fan of how she changed everything around. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit. Nonetheless, this studio is where I met Caitlyn. 

I didn't know what to expect out of a yoga teacher. I should admit, I guess my real journey started at an LA Fitness and the instructor was a girl I didn't get along with in High School so I ended up feeling resentment and questioning my entire high school existence the whole class. Clearly that wasn't the message behind yoga and I surely didn't get anything out of that class. I can't even remember who my first instructor was at The Yoga Den (rip Yoga Den) because I liked all of them so much. Don't judge a book by it's cover! Or in my case, don't judge Yoga by its Instagram. It is no joke people! I sweat more than I ever have and all thanks to this beautiful sole along with a few others. 

So a year into my new yoga life and I have a sticky mat so I don't slide all over, a new tattoo, because how can you stare at all of Caitlyn's art work and not get one, a healthier lifestyle, and a few less pounds. My husband also tried with me a few times but it wasn't for  him. It's not cheap but man did I love it. TAKE MY MONEY! 

Then I get the email - they are closing in a week and all existing memberships will be transferred to the new owner who will honor them. ;( 

So here I am, completely obsessed with Yoga and up sh*t creek without a paddle. So I live out the rest of my month under the new owner and I hate it! She is more cycle focused than yoga, and more to her, but that's not what I wanted. They plastered mirrors all over my beautiful zen colored room, hid the most stunning hand painted lotus mural behind a curtain, and filled the room with cycle bikes. The old office space where you could check in and hang out become the new yoga room and was painted a very sterile while. Don't get me wrong, the wedding photographer in me loves a good white room, but the yogi in hated it. So there I was, left to find a new spot. I should note that I also tried the cycle classes while I was there. I can't even begin to explain the juxtaposition that was happening in my life within this room. I went from "Clear your minds and exhale" to "THIS IS A F*CK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SH*T ON YOU IN YOUR LIFE!!!!" Mind. Blown. 

Just like that, the heavens opened and Carl, another instructor I met at the Den opened his own gym and Caitlyn was also teaching there. Yoga instructors tend to teach at multiple locations, however all the locations my favorite teachers taught at were over 30 minutes away from me. I love yoga, but ain't nobody got time for that. I can't spend time driving, I would feel like I was wasting so much time. Carl's gym however was right down the road from me! Perfect! So I go there for a few months and it's not the same, but it's manageable and the room is hot and I get to practice under Caitlyn and Carl. All is right in the world again. 

Fast forward a few more months and Caitlyn bails on us! Rude! Just kidding... apparently she feels the same way I do about driving and it just became too much. Stalk out her Instagram, see her adorable little girl, and you'll understand why I'm not mad she would rather spend time with her family than in her car. So now I'm in-between love and hate with yoga again. I stick with it at Carl's gym and then slowly the classes I can attend start to dwindle. It was first blamed on summer and the lack of members coming to class but then they just vanished. I work most nights and weekends so I live off of classes during the day and they were all taken from me. Do i still sound bitter? I am... apparently this wound hasn't healed yet. I tried the other options the gym has to offer and loved some of them but nonetheless, I joined for yoga and now it was unavailable to me. 

While I'm currently not practicing because I can't find the time to clear my mind, I haven't lost my passion for it. I figured, why not put two things I love together?! Bulldog Yoga based out of Villanova was kind enough to invite me into their space and Caitlyn was gracious enough to model for me. This was my second fitness based shoot, my first hasn't made it to the blogs yet, but I love it. The human body is amazing and fitness shoots really help me to appreciate all the differences in people. Not only did I get to spend some time with Caitlyn again, but she brought along a friend! Hi Suzie! It was a blessing... I should have learned that my other fitness shoot that you get gasses out quickly while holding various poses but I didn't. Shame on me. It was great to have two bodies there to work with and allowed breaks from wobbly arms. Mind you, this was also in-between classes Caitlyn was teaching that day. And the space was super fun... did you see the little bully? Like what more could you want out of life? If I ever move closer to this location I'm joining! 

Anyone ever who is interested in any type of fitness shoot, please please please let me be a part of it. I love it so much! Plus it gives me a little extra push to get my ass back in the gym. Also, anyone in the Villanove area, head over to Bulldog Yoga and check it out! I mean seriously, look at the space! Now, I know what you're thinking, "She just said she hated white for yoga" but this was different. There is amazing windows and a cool industrial feel with the open ceilings and cement floor. Also... I may have been swayed by the puppy... I'm only human! For my yoga journey, right now it is on the back burner. Something will click and make me happy with it again one day I hope. 

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